Click4Pips Advanced Robot and Manual Trading




When you get a valid trade ( up/down trend + buy/sell recommendation ) you should check with the entry exit arrows to open/close your trade. For example, when you get a buy trade signal. You should wait for a BLUE arrow to open a buy trade, then close it when you get a RED arrow ( no need to wait for trend reversal ).

And when you get a sell trade signal, You should wait for a RED arrow to open a sell trade, then close it when you get a BLUE arrow ( again, no need to wait for trend reversal ).
You can use support and resistance levels for stop loss and targets if you don’t wish to wait for an opposite signal.
The software provides current trend direction ( up trend – down trend – weak trend ) signal + trade recommendation ( buy – sell – no trade ) signal.


Major trend is Down Trend, Recommended Trade : Sell Only! When both trend and recommendation shows up/down trend + buy/sell signal, you can follow this signal. If the trend is weak and the recommendation is not to trade, then you should not trade at this time.


The best time frames to use with this version of the software are:
15 Minutes for scalping and 1 Hour Time frame for day trading.

The best currency pairs to trade are :


To be able to use the software, you would need to download and install Metatrader 4 platform. if you don’t have it already, you can download it for free and open a demo account with any broker you choose. You don’t have to trade with Metatrader if your broker doesn’t support this platform. you can use Metatrader to get the signals then copy it to any other trading platform you are trading with.
The system available on manual and automatic trading.


Here you can find the default settings for your robot:
EAName: Robot‟s Name
Take Profit:5
Stop Loss:100
Trailing Strop:0


Lots: ( Used if auto money management is not active ) default is 1 lot size
MM: ( auto money management ) default is “True”
Risk: ( Risk % to use if auto management is active – use format: 0.XX – for example, 0.15 = 15% risk ) Default is 3


NFA: False ( If your broker follows NFA rules, set to TRUE )
Slippage: difference between order price and current price, default is 3
SignalMail: if set to True, the EA will send opened orders to your email.
EachTickMode: set to True, if you are in backtest mode
MagicNumber: EA‟s ID or special number – use any random number




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