Binary Option Formula

Binary Options Trading is as easy as predicting if a flip coin is up or down… Of course this is equally dangerous and will lean towards gambling if you don’t possess the proper knowledge and tools allowing you to get the odds in your favour” Binary Options, known also as Digital Options or All-or- Nothing… Read More »

Magic Fx Formula Trading System

    Magic Fx Formula is a very simple and the universal indicator which can be used on any timeframe and any currency pair. According to the author Magic Fx Formula indicator highly profitable even if trade only a few hours a day.Characteristics of Magic Fx FormulaPlatform: Metatrader4   Currency pairs: Trend currency pairs Trading… Read More »

Trailingator EA for MT4

  This is a unique software package, that provides automatic installation of one of the most important parameters – the Trailing Stop.Exclusively designed for highly effective manual trading, our new product allows you to stop worrying about Trailing Stop installation. Then ONE-TIME simple installation in the chart, with a few simple adjustments to it –… Read More »

Forex Bomber 4.1 Trading System

      Time Frame H1 Currency pairs:any.   Long Entry Recommended Time Frame H1 1. Candlestick should cross the line SELL ( TOP white Thick line / Forexbomber Line 1 and 2 ) 2. HEIKHEN ASHI color blue 3. MACD color green   Short Entry Opposite with BUY. 1. Candlestick should cross the line… Read More »

Click4Pips Advanced Robot and Manual Trading

      When you get a valid trade ( up/down trend + buy/sell recommendation ) you should check with the entry exit arrows to open/close your trade. For example, when you get a buy trade signal. You should wait for a BLUE arrow to open a buy trade, then close it when you get… Read More »

FxMatrix Pro System

    FxMatrixPro And Why? Trend is your best friend…..I am a trend Trader……but I take short rides-short journey……Because my account size is small so I can’t afford huge loss or big SL…..So, I accept maximum 10-20 SL for each Trade….I prefer TF 1M or 5M….beccoz bigger the TF>bigger the SL>bigger the loss…smaller the TF>smaller… Read More »

Forex Racer Renko System

        Always enter the trade 1-2 pips bellow/above retracement or breakout line. Exit Rules Study trade examples bellow for all rules. 1. FR-Trend indicator change color. 2. Brick (candle) change color.   StopLoss Rules Never work without StopLoss. By default use approximately 50 pips and then calculate StopLoss more precisely. Little tricks… Read More »

Trend Catching Trading System

      Note Before Run the System: 1.Compile the BBANDS indicator place it in your experts/indicator folder 2. Use the template and place in in the metatrader/templates folder 3. Apply the template on your chart. Since the system uses a lot of moving averages, placing them manually can detailing them here can be confusing,… Read More »

Simple Renko System

  The tools for the trade are Renko ea slope direction line traditional macd Template as above .Before I explain this system , I want you all to know that I developed it in a couple of hours while ‘playing around’ , I noticed through the comments that some people have trouble understanding how to… Read More »